• Do Choose a subject related directly to our industry – and preferably specifically to Cadan.  Things like:
    • IT Products (i.e. new products, major pricing changes and why, etc.)
    • Changes in the IT service field (i.e. impact to customers as more companies change their hiring/training)
    • Major changes in technology or deliverables (i.e. everyone is moving to cloud, shortages that might impact customers)
    • Corporate changes likely to impact people, etc. (i.e. how the HP split will benefit people or inconvenience them, what the latest merger means)
    • Things people should know how to do but don’t (i.e. change settings or streamline programs)
  • Do keep it short.  Around two or three paragraphs.
  • Do choose a positive/interesting title
  • Do provide links to the original material that made you think of this (i.e. news announcements, in-depth articles, products Cadan sells, etc.)
  • Do include your keyword(s) in the blog at least a 4- 5 times.
  • Don’t include too much personal content.  Opinions and general descriptions are good; personal details or too much history is bad.  (keep it centered on your subject, not you)
  • Don’t write about a subject not IT related.

Remember – these can be fun, they can reflect your interests, and this can all be done while not including too much personal info.  We want to come off as intelligent and insightful within our field, but as these are blogs – short and to the point is key.  These blogs should reflect your writing style and to a degree your personality not someone else. Therefore, we try to keep corrections of the blogs to a minimum. (typos, grammar errors, etc).

Most importantly – keep the content IT related. J