Backup is SO yesterday.  The vast majority of organizations today are indeed backing their data up; so they can check the proverbial box when asked by various stakeholders both internally and externally.  That’s good – right?  Not so fast.  As with most things, the devil lies within the details.  Backing up company data to some sort of storage device only validates the data has been copied from the primary source to a secondary source.  The operative term in this case is data only is being backed up; and nothing else.  What this means is in the case of a true outage; where the servers and storage need to be re-deployed after a physical or digital disaster; and that my friends is a time consuming and resource intensive affair.  We’re talking days of downtime.  Most organizations cannot tolerate being down for any number of consecutive days. Can you imagine the nightmare if an organization was down for 5 consecutive days?  That’s a major blow to any organization.  Additionally, backing up once a night to an external hard drive, tape drive, or some other media device means that in the case of a physical or digital disaster occurring at 4:30 in the afternoon; that organization has effectively lost a full day’s worth of production.  Can your organization tolerate that kind of loss in productivity?

Enter Cadan’s managed bare-metal backup and recovery – a product specifically engineered to backup a complete image of your server environment both locally and to the cloud.  This doesn’t just check a backup box – it provides a comprehensive disaster recovery plan and provides a streamlined process to get your business back to, well – business.  Backup is a no brainer; and recovery should be too.  Ask your Cadan Technology Consultant about our Advanced Managed Backup & Recovery product today!

The 1980’s called: They want their backup back