We all have gotten use to talking with bots whenever we call to make airline reservations or to confirm our bank account balances. The use of natural language bots will expand from use as automated customer service agents to become routine for daily living.

Home bots will do more than just respond to requests, to being able to provide timely information such as, “It’s time to take your medicine.” You may even feel like Doc Holliday as mobile bots become dedicated technology servants – always at the ready and by your side.

Imagine a bot whispering in your ear “don’t make that purchase or you will be over your credit card limit” or “your parking meter expires in ten minutes.” Bots will help with the children, act as financial investment advisors, and be an all present value-add from the brands you trust. With phones staying in our pockets, businesses will likely spend more on creating chat-bots in 2018 than on apps to better serve their customer’s needs.

2018 Could Be the Year of the Bots