With almost 60 percent share of the browser market, Chrome is around three times more popular than its closest rival, Internet Explorer. But if you want to improve the Chrome experience further, you’ll need to install some killer extensions. There are hundreds available in the Chrome Web Store, but if you were ever wondering what are those two or three really useful extensions you should be using, here are five of the very best.

Pro tip: If you are not a Chrome user and prefer to use Firefox or one of the many Chromium-based browsers like Opera, odds are most of these are also available for your browser of choice.

Hover Zoom+

Here’s one I’ve been using for a long time. Once Hover Zoom+ is installed, hovering the mouse pointer over images in supported websites will automatically expand them to their full size. It sounds simple, but after using the add-on for a while, you won’t want to go back.

Plenty of sites support Hover Zoom+, including Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google Images, and YouTube. It’s an open source version of the original Hover Zoom, which a lot of users abandoned due to concerns about privacy and adware.