As a consumer, new technology is always exciting.

Here are 7 Technology Trends to watch for in 2018:

  1. AI permeation. Artificial intelligence (AI), machines are able to learn algorithms much faster than ever before. There is more funding allowing them to get smarter. AI is involved in almost every platform we use. By the end of 2018, AI will be almost everywhere.
  2. Digital centralization. This is a great way to manage everything from as little as one device. Central locations as possible. 2018 may influence the rise of something even better so we will see.
  3. 5G preparation. Imagine a 5G network in place. This could make internet 10 times faster than what we currently see now. This could revolutionize the way businesses and consumers use the internet in a brand-new way.
  4. Data overload. Businesses and consumers will have access to unlimited data. This is very important as our data needs grow every day.
  5. White collar automation. Could you be replaced by machine? With the algorithms become faster and smarter, that could be a possibility. Robots also write basic data tasks and articles as well. We need to adjust our lives to work side by side with robots.
  6. Seamless conversation. Voice recognition has a very little error rate. You can now communicate via phone, texting, email, chat or PC. This will only grow through 2018 and the future.
  7. UI overhauls. Desktops continue to be replaced by mobile devices. That said, 2018 is going to be a big year for UI. Better devices for better sights and sounds.

It’s very exciting to see what new gadgets and infrastructure await us within the next year.


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