Cassandra Rogers
Cassandra RogersFounder & President
Founding Cadan over 24 years ago, Cassie is a woman with a vision. Throughout the years, she has successfully guided Cadan in the world of ever-changing technology…
Founding Cadan over 24 years ago, Cassie is a woman with a vision. Throughout the years, she has successfully guided Cadan in the world of ever-changing technology. She provides stability, clarity, organization and her ability to cut through to the heart of an issue is her strong suit. Overseeing Cadan in its entirety, she is directly responsible for the Admin department, which sets the tone for the whole company. Cassie has a great love of family and, of course, her whippets.

“I feel that Cadan is really the result of all of the employees working together to change the businesses and lives of our clients. I wanted to give each employee a place where they have the flexibility and the freedom to grow and develop, as that is how we can best serve our clients.”

Dan Rogers
Dan RogersVice President of Operations
For over 30 years Dan has been in the Technology industry, providing clients with solutions that help them run their businesses efficiently. His extensive knowledge…
For over 30 years Dan has been in the Technology industry, providing clients with solutions that help them run their businesses efficiently. His extensive knowledge of technology magnifies his unique talent which allows him to identify unseen weaknesses and potential strengths within client environments. He has boundless energy which allows him to also pursue his love of golf and hockey, which he does by coaching youth sports.

“At Cadan, we’re empowered to make a difference and I find the impact I can make on others to be a very gratifying experience. My goal is to provide the best consultative approach, a magic formula, which will positively change the outcome of many challenges my clients face. After years of working at Cadan with sales, service and finance, my days are still born with great enthusiasm. Cadan, customers, and technology – the perfect formula to keep a guy interested and in pursuit of the next great thing.”

Charles LeVoir
Charles LeVoirDirector of Sales
For over 17 years Charlie has enjoyed providing assistance to clients from organizations of all shapes and sizes. He is adept at understanding specific goals that…
For over 17 years Charlie has enjoyed providing assistance to clients from organizations of all shapes and sizes. He is adept at understanding specific goals that they have, and delivering solutions to achieve them. Charlie loves exploring new technology and applications, and is never happier than when he discovers a way to simplify. In conjunction with his customer facing role, Charlie helps our Sales teams be as effective as possible. From training and coaching, to refining processes and streamlining communication, it’s all in pursuit of excellent customer service. Charlie is actively pursuing his BA and he also singer/songwriter.

“I currently have the privilege of leading the Technology Sales Team here at Cadan Technologies and though my role within Cadan has changed over time, my primary goal has always remained the same – How can I help? These four simple words define everything I do for, and on behalf of, the amazing team members here at Cadan and our valued customers. Ultimately, it’s all about helping people. I genuinely believe that if our sales teams, services teams, and operations teams aim to be of maximum service, the end result is a win-win for Cadan and our customers.”

Robert Prayfrock
Robert PrayfrockDirector of Service
As an innovative IT manager with more than 20 years of combined experience in the technology services, telecommunications. I have led and planned…
As an innovative IT manager with more than 20 years of combined experience in the technology services, telecommunications. I have led and planned IT infrastructures, software product deployments and strategic operations.

Sales Team

Alayna Sathre
Alayna SathreSales Representative
Alayna truly enjoys helping people and that’s why Assistive Technology is the perfect place for her. In her free time she enjoys knitting, playing Magic, hanging with her cat Cricket and spending time outdoors.
Steve O’Neill
Steve O’NeillAccount Executive
With an extensive history in hardware sales, Steve is known for building strong relationships with his clients. From his early days as a repair technician he has evolved into a knowledgeable sales representative. A navy veteran, Steve enjoys boating and travel.
Danny Petersen
Danny PetersenSales Administrator
I have been working in the accounting and bookkeeping field for over 10 years. I enjoy bowling, golf, and spending time with my family and friends.
Chris Ravelli
Chris RavelliSales Representative
Chris specializes in providing professional technological advice to a variety of businesses and organizations. He is also the lead purchasing agent for Cadan Technologies, always seeking out the best value. He likes playing darts, fishing and time spent at the cabin.
Tom Reardon
Tom ReardonAccount Executive
Tom has been working in the Information Technology field for over 35 years. Tom likes to consult with clients to focus on the functionality to better their existing technology network.
Jim Rogers
Jim RogersAccount Executive
Jim is a legend in the Assistive Technology industry and his passion for what he does is evident. Using his experience to provide people with the tools for independence keeps him energized. Jim can frequently be found in the stands rooting for his favorite sports teams or playing a round of golf.
Chuck Sheffler
Chuck ShefflerSenior Account Executive
coming soon…
Tuan Vu
Tuan VuSales Representative
Tuan enjoys his role in improving client environments through technology sales. From brainstorming to research, he loves finding solutions for troublesome issues. Tuan is an avid golfer who dreams of one day playing Pebble Beach.
Abby Wirth
Abby WirthSales Representative
With experience in Hospitality Management Abby has an edge when it comes to customer satisfaction. She’s transitioning into the world of technology with enthusiasm and is eager to meet the everyday challenges IT provides. Abby enjoys camping, hiking, travel and is a proficient Spanish speaker.

Service Team

Dustin Beaupre
Dustin BeaupreTechnology Administrator
Dustin can be found doing hands-on hardware repair on our Tech Bench, or taking calls for our Service Desk. He is excited by technology and its constant evolution, as he enjoys both learning and sharing his knowledge. An outdoor enthusiast, Dustin spends the summer months canoeing and enjoying amusement parks, but in winter he confesses he hibernates and takes up video games.
Jesse Bukal
Jesse BukalTechnology Analyst
Coming up through the ranks, Jesse might be the employee with the most experience in different roles here. Now an Analyst, he likes the hands-on aspect of IT repair and service. A longtime Minnesota transplant Jesse likes auto repair, gardening, bike rides along the mighty Mississippi and many of our cultural attractions that feed his interest in a multitude of things from engineering to astrophysics.
Scott Brown
Scott BrownTechnology Administrator
Scott has been in the IT field for over 33 years. He enjoys working with customers, golf, woodworking, and playing pool.
Sam Crocker
Sam CrockerTechnology Dispatch
Sam’s favorite part of his role as Dispatch at Cadan is the chance to interface with all of the company’s departments. He works hard to develop strong relationships both at Cadan and with Cadan’s customers through his work in organization and logistics. Originally a Twin Cities native, Sam spent several years in Indiana earning degrees in music before returning to his roots and taking up IT. In addition to playing the horn with some local ensembles, Sam can be found cheering on his hometown Vikings or playing around with his dog, Zeus.
Gabe Fasbender
Gabe FasbenderTechnology Analyst
Gabe learned IT on the job while in the military. Fascinated by the growth of technology and IT’s ever-changing needs his special interest is in security. He’s a real family man who (when he can find the time) brews his own beer, attends concerts and plays video games.
Dylan Foline
Dylan FolineTechnology Associate
I have lived in Minnesota my whole life, and have been interested in the IT field since I was young. I first started my IT career working for Geek Squad but then took some time away from IT. Cadan has given me an amazing opportunity to learn and grow in the IT field. In the summer I love to ride motorcycles, go fishing, swimming, and taking my daughter to the zoo. In the winter I prefer to stay inside playing video games.
Peter Killion
Peter KillionTechnology Administrator
Pete identified IT as his career at a very young age; in fact as a child he was fascinated with computers and electronics. He has experience and training on fixing issues of all sorts, this along with his strong customer service skills makes him a real asset. Pete enjoys martial arts, cooking, programming, and learning new technologies.
Sean Killion
Sean KillionTechnology Associate
After many years Sean has finally surrendered and transformed his former hobby into a career and with interests like computer science, software engineering and pure math it was probably only a matter of time. If you’re going to get obsessive about something, there’s an advantage to getting paid for it. Working at Cadan Sean has found like-minded people who share his passion for IT. Sean has also found many coworkers here who share his interests in gaming and playing guitar.
Michael Marchevsky
Michael MarchevskyRemarketing
Michael has/is been the heart and soul of our Depot Repair center for many years now. He likes the challenge of not knowing what is coming next, and has even grown accustomed to clients requesting he repair their equipment yesterday. Michael, an experienced world traveler, says his dream vacation is to visit Japan.
Matt McCann
Matt McCannTechnology Analyst
I grew up in St. Anthony MN. I like to learn new things every day and this position does just that. In my free time I like to Tennis, tabletop games, video games, biking, swimming and learning to cook new recipes.
Ray Mikesell
Ray MikesellTechnology Engineer
Moved from Northwestern Montana to Minnesota in ’96. Playing with my kids, gaming, singing with various groups, and speaking at events.
Chuck Mudge
Chuck MudgeTechnology Associate
Chuck came to Cadan due to its significant growth in the MSP field and will be able to test and expand his technical skills. He enjoys travel and the great outdoors.
Tim Pourciau
Tim PourciauTechnology Administrator
With experience in environments both large and small, Tim is undaunted by any task put in front of him. He loves overseeing our clients through development and growth. Originally a southern boy, Tim relocated to Minnesota to partake of our nice cool winters, where he still pursues his love of music by playing guitar in a local band.
James Sammons
James SammonsTechnology Associate
Loves the outdoors, golfing, snow and swimming, spent many hours of his childhood working with computers.
Tom Schwebel
Tom SchwebelTechnology Engineer
coming soon…
Dustin Tuttle
Dustin TuttleTechnology Admin/Pre-Sales Engineer
Dustin has been with Cadan Technologies for almost ten years. He spends his free time with family, friends, and his dog Cuddy. He also serves Chive Minnesota as an admin and Financial Coordinator.

Web, Marketing, Admin, and Operations

Admin DepartmentAccounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources and Administrative Support
With a combined experience of more than 70 years, this department has the understanding and knowledge to handle the day-to-day as well as the growing needs of Cadan Technologies.
Operations DepartmentShipping, Receiving and Traffic, Inventory Control, and Facilities Management
Our team of professionals has over 50 years of combined experience in the handling of technology products – everything coming into or going out of Cadan passes through their capable hands.
Web and Marketing DepartmentWeb Design, Web Development, External and Internal Marketing