Tired of all the ads while you are searching the web?

These ads can talk, flash, popup, play videos, take up space on your screen and can waste your time.

Even in the business environment it is ideal to inform our end users on the nasty business of pop-ups. This is because I have personally received Support calls regarding popups that say your computer is infected with a virus and really it is just a bad popup that you cannot close.

There are many ways to close a popup that will not close:

  1. Keep hitting ALT+F4 until it goes away (May close other applications in the process)
  2. Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and go to Task Manager and go to the “Processes” Tab and find the web browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, iexplorer.exe, etc.) and close all instances.
  3. Restart or shut down if needed

Note that these popups will normally not infect your system, but there are some clickable ads that will change your homepage, add extensions to your browser, etc.

Highly recommended program to use is called: Adblock Plus

You can install this on: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and even android mobile phones!

Just google search for how to install, it only takes a minute to install and there are multiple programs to try, there is even a specific one called “Ads locker for Facebook”

AdBlock Plus also blocks YouTube Advertisement Videos!

Website ads are a Billion dollar business so do not be surprised if certain sites like www.cnn.com do not allow the popup blocker. This is can easily be disabled in the top right of your browser for the site you are currently on.

If you have any concerns about infections on your system call your Support Team or contact the Cadan Support Team at 952-278-0580


Ads! Ads! Ads!