In this day and age it is becoming normal for companies to not have internal IT. Cadan, as a managed service provider, has a responsibility to manage servers and endpoints, right? Well, that is not always enough. An important role of ours is to make sure our customer’s IT environments are safe and monitored. This is when advanced monitoring comes in to play.

Auvik gives Cadan the tools to easily monitor users environment. It enables us to have the visibility to devices such as access points, switches, firewall, and network printers. The beauty of this tool is its user friendliness. It uses visual topology so users can easily see the map of the environment. It looks something like this!

Advanced Monitoring- Auvik

















Auvik is a cloud-based solution, easily configured and customized for each customer. Giving Cadan the ability to watch the stability and usage of a network, AND be able to understand it in real time! This in turn gives our customers the peace of mind that their environment will stay healthy, up, and running.