Often in my engagements with business owners and IT brass discussions around aging server infrastructure become the topic de jour.  One of the most compelling pieces of information our Managed IT Services customers receive from our Technology Consultant team is a snapshot of the warranty status across their entire IT hardware fleet.  This is provided monthly through our Executive Summary Report among other key metrics within the customer’s IT environment such as Patch health, Anti-Virus health, and Data Protection (Backup) health.  A sample of an actual environment is pictured below.

In this example, we clearly see that significant issues revolve around the warranty status of the servers, with 8 out of 9 warranties expired and the only server that currently has warranty is due to expire within 90 days.  These servers are currently in production; and working with no current or predicted failure states on any of the internal components.  The problem lies not within the current state of 9 functioning servers; that is quite ideal.  In fact, these servers in this particular environment are still performing well within optimal performance standards.  The problem lies within the risk that out of warranty servers, typically 3 years old or older, are two to three times more likely to experience a hardware failure, according to a recent study conducting by Statista.

A common recommendation is to refresh servers that are out of warranty; a message that often falls flat when business owners and IT professionals still have confidence in the overall performance and capacity of the current IT infrastructure, yet the exposure of a server failing without warranty coverage can strike fear in the heart of any business owner or IT professional due to the very real potential of extended down time due to unavailability of parts as well as exorbitant costs to expedite parts and emergency IT service.  The solution?  Add Extended Warranty and Maintenance Services by Cadan Technologies!  Surprisingly cost effective and absolutely top notch warranty support from the industry’s leading nationwide support providers all delivered seamlessly by Cadan Technologies.  We support all leading hardware manufacturers and provide same or next business day resolution on any hardware failure.  Make sure you have the right support on your critical IT systems, with Cadan Technologies.