Most of us use our cell phones for much more than just phone calls.  Of course we reference our phones for inbound/outbound calls, but truth be told the majority of the usage on these devices is text messaging, email, calendar reminders, maps and driving instructions, news, watching TV, playing games, etc.

In 2017, our hand-held devices (phones and tablets) are just as vulnerable to an attack as that PC on your desk at work. In the rush to buy protection for these devices many forget to read the fine print on App offers in stores such as The Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.  Many of these apps can be a scam. Apple and Google are two great companies, but they really cannot ensure that everything you purchase on their portals has been vetted thoroughly to protect you from yet another scam.

With any transaction, (even a $4.00 app on Apple or Google) as a buyer you should always read the small print to ensure that you KNOW what you are buying and installing. Beware of App Scams.