2011– I purchased my first tablet. It was an Asus Transformer. It was a 10” Android tablet that, when you add an additional docking keyboard, it became a full featured laptop. Sure it was an Android device, but it was functional for what I used it for: Web browsing and watching YouTube videos.

2014– I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 tablet. This was faster and had a much better resolution screen (2560×1600) than the Asus. You could watch Full HD content on this device. Plus you can use the Samsung Stylus pen to take notes. The ability of doing this was night and day different and better than anything in the market at the time. No longer would one need to use an ‘eraser’ head to write on their screen. You have a pen that writes like a pen. It was perfect for taking notes as well as draw, hence the name Galaxy Note.

2016– From the note 10.1, I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro. This was a bigger tablet (12.2”) but the resolution was still top notched (2560×1600). The ability to take notes was still part of the tablet.

However, at the end of the day, it was still an Android tablet. Nothing has changed. Nothing revolutionary have been introduced. To me, the usage was the same: Web browsing, YouTube videos, and note taking. I still use it at home every night to catch news and watch videos.

It’s now the 3rd quarter of 2018 and we are seeing the literal demise of Android tablet. There is nothing out there that had the same flare as it did 5 years ago when several tablets launched to the public. Google has not put out any tablets of its own now for 2 years (since the Google Pixel C).  The up and coming products are Chrome OS tablets as many schools around the country are flooded in Chrome products.

Even Apple have not developed anything new with their Ipads. Outside of small changes in screen sizes, we are not seeing anything new. When the tablets first came out, they were revolutionary. You were talking a true mobile device that could be used every day. And people did. So what has changed? I do not think much has changed. I do believe people still uses their tablets. I still use mine. But are people willing to out and spend $500 for a new one? I’m not so sure. Tablets once occupied the gap between a cell phone and a laptop. It was a perfect niche, as the cell phone screens were too small and the laptop were too clunky.

But today, cell phones are getting bigger and more robust. That large gap that existed is not as big as it once was. Also, many laptops now comes with detachable screens. Those factors alone would eliminate the need for a middle ground device like a tablet.

Unless they come out with a tablet that has some revolutionary features, this could be the end of tablets as we know it.

Are we seeing a demise in tablets?