Are you a business with a limited I.T. budget and have servers or workstations that you aren’t sure if the backup is working or if there is one at all?  For a low monthly cost, Cadan Backup Manager has flexible options to meet varying recovery objectives.

Can you tolerate days of recovery time with servers or workstations offline?  With no upfront hardware investment, Cadan Backup Manager can be used to secure your data in the cloud.

If your recovery objective must be measured in hours instead of days, Cadan Backup Manager can help with this as well.  Adding a local NAS to act as a repository for the backup is the way to go.  Instead of having to download all your data over the internet, it will be retrieved over the LAN at speeds that could be 10 to 100 times faster.

Now if your recovery time must be measured in minutes, Cadan Backup Manager is also capable of accomplishing this.  By adding a physical server with the Hyper-V role installed along with a NAS, you can already have a pre-staged recovery of your servers and workstations ready to be started in the event of a disaster.

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