Many of us have horror stories regarding our computers crashing at inopportune moments. Perhaps, your laptop crashes in the middle of writing a term paper for school. Maybe a hard drive failure, causes you to lose all your pictures and music that you’ve spent years accumulating. Whatever the case, even a single user’s computer’s data loss can be devastating. Now, imagine this kind of loss across an entire company. Needless to say, data backup is one of the most important aspects of any company’s information technology plan.

When it comes to data backup, there are several different methods commonly used by companies, including tape-based backup, SAN to SAN replication, and cloud backup.

1) Tape-Based Backup:
This method includes copying data from a server or workstation to cartridges of tape. With this, there is always a hard copy of the data in case of a catastrophic failure. For more information on tape-based backup, you can visit the following site:
2) SAN to SAN Replication:
A SAN, or Storage Area Network, is a device used for transferring and storing lots of data. In SAN to SAN replication, a SAN on-site at a company’s location is constantly transferring data to a SAN off-site. For more information regarding SAN to SAN backup, you can visit the following site:
3) Cloud Backup:
This is perhaps the most convenient backup method, as it allows for the fastest recovery time, should you need to depend on the backup in a crisis. With this method, the company’s data is stored on a remote server that is accessible from multiple different computers, as long as they have an Internet connection. For more information on cloud backup, you can visit the following site:

Cadan Technologies offers its own version of cloud backup, which carries its own set of unique advantages. For example, it stores a company’s data in a separate, off-site location that is safe from physical or natural incidents that can affect the on-site data. In addition, our specific version of cloud storage alerts our technicians in the event of a backup error or failure. This allows us to catch and fix a problem as it occurs, and to confirm data is being backed up appropriately at all times. From our cloud backup portal, our technicians are also able to easily and rapidly restore any file from a previous backup to any location desired by the customer.

Data backup is critical to a company’s planning. Fortunately, there are lots of options out there, and Cadan is committed to helping companies find the right solution for each business. Hopefully, a backup is never needed, but should the time come when data is lost, we take pride in giving our customers the peace of mind that their data is safe, backed up, and available in a flash.

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