We all have someone in our lives that is either approaching or achieved the age that the events of day-to-day living becomes somewhat of a struggle.  Hearing the doorbell, getting out of the recliner, reading the mail or taking their medication on time and accurately are suddenly not as easy as it was just last month.  It happens quickly and can just plain sneak up on you.

Assistive Technology offers many amazing products to help seniors stay safely in their own homes for longer than ever before.

Cadan Assistive Technology has an experienced team of Assistive Technology sales consultants that can help with products ranging from vision and hearing aids, sensors to monitor movement and falls to special switches for those with arthritis and other movement challenges.

Technology is making fast advances in these fields and the immediate benefit is that with the help these products more seniors are able to stay in their own homes longer and safer.

Please give our Assistive Technology members a call today to discuss how we can help keep your loved ones in their homes and safe for longer than ever before.

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Assistive Technology that Keeps Mom and Dad (or yourself) at Home Longer