This day in age, there are many ways to back up your business data. From USB stick, tape, external hard drive, network attached storage, cloud storage, or you could go as far as printing all your data. The question lies, is my data safe, could I restore is successfully in the case of a catastrophe? Have you tried to restore, do you know when your backups are ACTUALLY successful? In many cases, you do not know until you try, and most businesses do not try until they need to.

This is where Cadan comes in to help, with Cadan Backup Manager. Using the Solarwinds backup as software, which is a cloud-first backup for virtual and physical servers. Cadan will implement a local based, and a cloud-based backup into the business environment. The local based backup, stored on a NAS, will enable a business to get up and running in hours. I usually explain it like a Polaroid picture. If there is a hardware failure, we merely have to get the new hardware in and lay the Polaroid picture “image” on the new hardware to get the business up and running again.

The Cloud backup enabled the business data to stay safe in the case of a MAJOR catastrophe, that being something happens to the building. The data can be backed up as often as a business wants it to be. Our question is how much data are you able to lose. This could be a days’ worth or a weeks’ worth. The cloud data is encrypted, so outsiders cannot access the data. Your data is safe.

The success of backups can be seen easily through the Solarwinds dashboard. This enables Cadan to easily manage all backups for our managed clients. Along with deduplication of data, Cadan can easily see when backups were successful, or unsuccessful.

Let Cadan give you peace of mind with backups, and get Cadan Backup Manager today.