In the world of business and IT today, ensuring continuity in the face of disaster has become a priority. With so many options available for backing up and securing your data – determining the best fit for your business is be difficult. How can you reduce downtime if one of your servers fails?

Bare metal backups stored in the cloud are certainly a fantastic step in the right direction, but depending on how much data is being backed up, downloading your business’s data can be a very time consuming process. Keeping a local copy greatly reduces the time requirements.

Let’s say your server crashes. Your IT provider gets the hardware back up and running, but there’s data loss – you need to restore from your backup. Let’s examine the two scenarios below:

Scenario A – All your data is housed in the cloud. Let’s assume for this example your server housed 500GB of data; and that you have a 50MB internet connection. At the absolute best case, you are looking at no less than six hours just to download the data. You’ve now lost an entire day of production.

Scenario B – You have a local copy of your backup, and your data is housed in the cloud. Retrieving that same 500GB of data from on-site storage will take roughly fifteen minutes. Your down time is reduced, your staff is back to work faster, and you can return to doing what you do best – running your business.

Being prepared with a local copy of your backup WILL reduce your down time, and help keep your business running smoothly, even if hardware failure strikes your server infrastructure.

Cadan Managed Services customers can reap the benefits of bare metal cloud backup, with capability and readiness for local copies of the backup – because we do IT better – to help you focus on your business.