There is no shortage of case studies to reference that illuminate just how risky the practice of hoarding customer or user data for the use of business intelligence or boosting the bottom line through micro targeting to specific audiences. Here’s looking at you Facebook. Holding mass amounts of valuable data makes you a target for data breaches, pure and simple. Whether the bad actor is looking to encrypt your data for a ransom; or dump on the dark web for money – the data organizations of all types and sizes collect has never been more vulnerable to breach.

The latest attack, on a government subcontractor by the name of Perceptics, received a Word document in an email and a user opened the file; and unwittingly a gaping hole in their network for which the data was breached and transferred out to a Russian hacker operating under an alias. The data consisted of thousands of license plate images; likely merged with private data attached to that license plate from government records. For example, license plate XXX-YYY is combined with the license plate owner’s name, address, phone number, etc.

The government and the private sector are woefully under-prepared and under-protected from these kinds of attacks; and the evidence of this fact continues to mount. The good news? There are ways to mitigate and protect your organization from suffering the same fate as countless others have. Here’s two key actions you can take right now:

  • Adopt a “Less is More” Strategy regarding the collection and storage of personally identifiable information and financial information.
  • Introduce a Managed IT Security Service, such as the services Cadan Technologies offers, that can conduct routine assessments for vulnerabilities and liabilities and proactively eliminate them as they are discovered.

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