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C-Pen for Dyslexia

C-Pen a new  product designed for Dyslexia.  It scans word documents and reads them out loud to the reader. It has a dictionary, and comes with 5 different languages.  Some of the other uses are as follows:

The students are able to use the device independently. Many of our students are using them for reading. For example: math word problems on a worksheet or anything on a worksheet. Previously, the teachers would have to spend precious time scanning and emailing worksheets and other documents. With the use of the C-Pen, students can access the worksheets on the fly without teacher preparation.

Students who are reading below grade level are using the C-Pens during center time to read preferred leisure books that are age appropriate and look “normal” whereas before the C-Pen reader these students were pretending to read and just looking at the pictures. These students did not want peers to think that they could not read what everyone else was capable of.  Now they are actually learning content, and hearing the words spoken increases their reading skills.

Another example is a middle school student is using the C-Pen to read his textbook during in class reading time.  Before he relied on a teacher assistant to read to him, was distractible, and embarrassed. Now, using the C-Pen, he reads independently, is more confident, and actively participates in discussions.

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