Cloud file sharing is nothing new these days, which is invariably punctuated by Microsoft’s entry into a market.  Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox have made cloud file sharing ubiquitous among the masses due to the low cost and simplicity of setup and user management. While consumers have devoured this technology and readily implemented it into their daily lives, the corporate world has been resistant to adopt the technology within their own environments.  The reason?  IT managers hate change, of course.  The reasoning is twofold.  Data access and data security are problematic in true cloud based file sharing platforms in that they don’t use the same access and security structure and parameters the data currently exists within. Simply said, the data cannot be structured the same way in, for example, Google Drive as it is in the local file directory on a server sitting in your office.  This incompatibility presents an enormous organizational and logistical nightmare in attempting to unravel years of permissions, directories, and file structure and reorganize said data in a completely new and different way.  To add insult to injury, cloud only file sharing platforms don’t consistently have the same data security protection that traditional networks have.

What’s the problem?  An organization could simply put out a statement to all employees, prohibiting them from using their super convenient and easy to use cloud file apps, right?  Wrong.  We all know that people are still people and are happy and willing to use the path of least resistance, in this case Google Drive or the like.  This clearly represents risk to the organization in proprietary, sensitive, or personal data being housed in unsecure personal cloud file sharing apps – a big data privacy no-no.  Is there no way out of this proverbial rock and a hard place situation?

Of course there is!  This is a blog for a company that specializes in simply genius technology solutions, after all.  Introducing, Cadan CloudShare – a file sharing platform that looks, acts, and feels just like the Google drive we all have come to love and embrace but lives inside your network.  That’s right!  Better yet, it extends your existing file structure, security, and permissions to the cloud enabled platform, eliminating the need for a ridiculously involved data reorganization initiative.  We call that a win-win in the Technology Solutions and Services business.

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