We start with a high-level assessment of your environment. This provides a 3-page document showing what is in the environment and also show severity levels 1 through 3. These are recommendations on if anything needs to be changed or fixed. Sev 1 would be like a bad hard drive and would need to get fixed sooner than later. There is a fee for this based on how many employees are the location. After the assessment and if a plan is chosen, we then onboard all the info into our system. The assessment fee is credited back and only the onboard fee is charged. The onboard allows us to get info quicker when a problem arises.

Here are the Cadan plans:

Core plan is $10 per desktop/$25 per server per month

Deluxe Plan is $50 per user per month. This gets you 1 hour per user per month to use remotely service or service here at Cadan

Deluxe Plus Plan is $100 per user for unlimited hours service remote and service here at Cadan

All plans include Antivirus, 24×7 monitoring, and background patching

We also offer Data Backup which is $60 for 500gb per server per month.

Now let Cadan manage your environment with our top notch service!