Over the last 20 years I’ve grown to appreciate the different products and services developed within the IT industry and how it shapes the world.

The last 10 years particularly have been focused on Managed Services for all business sizes. I write this with the intent to share why Cadan Technologies is on the forefront of change and how it impacts you and your business.

  • Cadan has the most talented group of people from service and support to web design and sales.

Our average length of employment is over 10 years, in IT that may be a record.

Their knowledge of our Managed Service offerings is unparalleled and is echoed throughout the Cadan Technologies. Most importantly, our employees are empowered to service the customer to make the experience exceptional.

  • Cadan has built and combined the best tools for supporting customers, their technology assets and ultimately a system of record that adheres to accountability like no other. Our teams are highly trained to know these tools. Our leadership has come to embrace the enhancements (regardless of investment) as a means of continued growth and for customer satisfaction.
  • Since 1992, Cadan has thrived on referrals and word of mouth. Our business is measured by customer feedback and response to “what can we do better”. Our satisfaction rating is measured on every service ticket we work on, based on the last 2 years alone we’ve grown to a 98%, this is trending to be the highest in the Managed Service industry.
  • The Cadan difference is based on the product and service offerings we provide for all business types and sizes.

We start with a team of experts that define requirements and consult to bring the best solutions every time. The ability to leverage our world class configuration center and deliver to sites throughout the US, makes our services more reliable and our user experience repeatable. The secret to our success is the handoff to Managed Services and the onboarding of the customer, assets and user needs. Once deployed we can support the customer and their needs through our remote management tools, telephone, email or even onsite as required. As we all know, the time will come that technology needs to be upgraded or replaced, our end of life strategy brings the whole lifecycle to completion. The unique approach Cadan provides eliminates the disconnect between multiple vendors taking a piece of the responsibility.

Knowing the customer, having the tools and people in place to be successful, this is Cadan Technologies commitment for success and eliminating IT pain for you.

Reach out to Cadan at 1-888-88-Cadan or www.cadan.com.