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What are Cloud Services and why does everyone seem to want them?

Cloud Services are widely varying resources that are supplied to you via the Internet rather than saving locally or within your own network. As a consumer you’ve probably been using some form of them for years even before you knew it. Using Microsoft Security Essentials to protect your home PC? Or Google Drive to back up a document or two? Saving your family pictures to a share site? Or playing a game without loading a disk? All of these are some form of Cloud Services.

In the business world Cloud Services refer to services that are not managed on your own server environment. Of course this has obvious advantages such as lowered hardware expense, fewer staff to maintain it, and the ability to quickly resize purchases as needed. But it also comes with inherent risk, such as security factors and reliance on potentially inconsistent internet providers. None should be undertaken without a full understanding of the perks and disadvantages.

Remote Monitoring

Identify and solve issues before they become a problem

Remote Monitoring


Prevents, detects and removes malicious software threats

Hosted Exchange

Your e-mail data, their server


Detect, divert, and reduce spam e-mail

Offsite Data Backup

Archives your data offsite in a secure facility

Offsite Data Backup

Cloud Platforms

Software access without the hardware layers