Cost or Investment, where are you?
Do you see I.T. element of your business as a cost, constantly distracting and draining your bank account all the while you lament how you just want to work on the business? If this frazzled state of mind seems familiar to you, read on. Alternatively, do you see I.T. as a necessary leverage allowing you to take care of more customers in half the time? Does I.T. allow you to present a look and feel of a Fortune 100 business despite working out of your living room or small office? If this organized and polished state of mind describes you, read on. Somewhere in the middle but looking for I.T. Nirvana? Read on.

At Cadan Technologies and we specialize in managed services like no other company does. We have many options to choose from, but it’s our “Premium Plan” that really stands out. It contains our “secret sauce” approach which looks at all aspects of the I.T. lifecycle from consulting, procurement, deployment, support and decommissioning but we do so proactively. Our unique assessment and on boarding process allows us to really learn who you are and what your business does which augments our ability to perform in all other aspects. We have helped hundreds of company’s with their I.T. needs but the most successful ones, the truly arrived, are the ones who had the foresight to focus on what they do best and let us do the rest.

We’ve stood up brand new offices, refreshed complicated virtual infrastructures and migrated Exchange on-premise to Office 365 and performed massive workstation deployments through our configuration center, always on time and always on budget. What’s more we do all of this with consideration to your future, envisioned I.T. environment so you always know what’s coming next.

Let me leave you with this: Do you have what it takes to take your I.T. to the next level? If the answer is not a clear YES, let Cadan Technologies be your I.T. solution.