by Andrew Lerner

Data center migration and/or consolidation is a major theme in many client networking calls. The connectivity piece is ultra-critical because, frankly, you can’t do much migration or consolidation without a rock-solid network. Further, Data Center Interconnectivity (DCI) is often one of the first hurdles that must be sorted out due to the need for multiple big pipes (which take time to acquire, and are usually expensive).

As a result, networking personnel often have a large upfront influence on data center migration/consolidation projects. That said, it is worthwhile to take a step back and look at the effort holistically – beyond just the lens of the network. To that end, we have several pieces of relevant content. And, what better place to start with than a real-world success story:

Video: How to Build and Occupy a Data Center in 12 Months,

This is an end-user case study from a Fortune 1000 firm, Raymond James Financial. They successfully moved thousands of production servers out of a hurricane zone, with near-zero impact. Spoiler Alert: My favorite part is when they called out how this project identified which vendors were true partners versus those that treated the project as a “revenue-generating event”.

Nine Best Practices in Migrating Equipment From One Data Center to Another,

Summary: Advanced planning and preparation is the key to any large scale data center migration project. These best practices will help establish a firm foundation and help I&O project leaders avoid unnecessary surprises and costs.

Data Center Migrations — Five Steps to Success,

Summary: Without proper planning and processes, data center migrations pose huge financial and operational risks to organizations. Understanding the primary steps required in a migration project is key to identifying what you don’t know and what resources will be required to prepare your project for success.

and for those interesting in VLAN Stretching…
We get a lot of questions on VLAN stretching (i.e., L2oL3) to support DCI requirements, such as Cisco’s OTV, HP’s EVI and even VxLAN. We plan to publish research on this topic in 2015, but here are some relevant materials in the interim.

Evolving Data Center Interconnection to Manage Increased Data Center Separation,

Summary: As enterprises increase data center separation to improve resilience, the network architecture must move from being based on “plenty” to “scarcity” in terms of interfaces and capacity.

Lastly, VLAN stretching was a primary topic at this “Ask the Analyst Session” at our Data Center conference:

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