Data loss can cause crippling business and financial challenges for any company. System downtime can halt productivity and stall a business from providing core functions to employees and customers. In today’s world it’s critical to be prepared with the right technology, with Cadan’s Data Protect Cloud Solutions your business is in good hands.

Cadan Data Protect Plus uses a unique hybrid cloud architecture, this allows you to restore business continuity after a disaster. The Cadan Data Protect Plus technology helps you to reduce backup times by storing changes instead of the full files used by other platforms. This technology allows you to back up files quickly and frequently thus, helping you to prevent losing data due to a disaster or outage. Cadan Data protect Plus also uses industry leading encryption both in-transit and at rest, now you can breathe easily knowing you’ve made the best choice in a solution to keep your data safe.

Cadan Data Protect Plus takes advantage of proprietary True Delta technology, which backs up changes rather than full files. This helps to reduce the time it takes to run the backup process, allowing you to back up more frequently. Customers will benefit from rapid recovery after a disaster using our hybrid cloud architecture that restores from either cloud-based or the local copies backed up onsite, whichever is faster. Data Protect Plus is fast, easy and has the capability of restoring to a bare metal state using nothing more than a bootable USB drive or CD-ROM.

With virtual machine support, customers can back virtual environments with host-level VMware and Hyper-V backups. You now can restore to an existing or alternate virtual environment anywhere.

The new Data Protect Plus is ultra-secure and leverages AES 128, AES 256, or 448-bit Blowfish encryption to help with keeping data safe while on-premise, during data transfers in a LAN or WAN, and into the cloud. With private keys you can rest easy knowing your data can be accessed only by someone holding a private key.

Cadan Data Protect Plus utilizes secure data centers to store your data. Our partnership with SolarWinds leverages their global data centers, each of which are SSAE-compliant or ISO-certified. Customers can choose how long they want to retain backup copies, allowing you to keep specific datasets and backups indefinitely. This is particularly helpful for regulatory requirements like HIPAA.

Businesses depend on their IT. Whether an interruption is caused by user error, technology failure, ransomware or a natural disaster, Cadan Data Protect Plus delivers business continuity quickly to keep business running. Our backup solution is designed to protect servers, applications, workstations and critical business documents all from a single dashboard. We look after your data so you can look after your business.

Data Protect Plus Cloud Solution