Building or creating a home theater is much easier and affordable today than it was decades or even just one decade ago. Technology has advanced and become more and more affordable with the evolution of the technology generation.  About 20 years ago, my uncle had a home theater that cost him well over $10,000.  The screen was motorized, he had a nice 7.1 surround with a cabinet full of a receiver, DVD players, radio, Laser disc player, and a wireless LCD remote control that controlled everything, including the lights.  After that, I started dreaming of someday having a home theater of my own. I recently researched the equipment I need, and I have been able to get all the needed equipment for about $1,300.00.


  1. A room or space with low or no light, basements tend to be the best option.

You need roughly 15ft of space for a 100-inch screen, however, this can vary based on the type of projector chosen.  All projectors come with suggested space requirements.


  1. After you have the size of the screen figured out, you will need to decide if you want a screen that is mounted on the wall, a pull-down screen, or motorized screen that mounts from the ceiling. Here is an example:


  1. Now you can decide what kind of sound system you want. If you have the space, go with 7.1. This includes a subwoofer, 3 front speakers, 2 surround speakers, and 2 rear speakers.  Depending on your setup, you will want to choose between speaker stands, or wall mounted, or a combination of both.


  1. Next, you will need a receiver that matches the surround. If you chose 5.1 but might want to upgrade later, I suggest a receiver that supports 7.1. An example of a good receiver is:


  1. The Projector is the most important piece. There are many available options. Making the right choice depends on what kind of picture you want, the screen size, etc.  I suggest getting an LED HD 1080p or better. LED bulbs are expected to last 30,000-50,000 hours so you will get what you pay for. Do your research to make sure your needs are met. Decide if you are mounting on the ceiling, the back wall, on a shelf, etc. be sure to get the necessary equipment for the mounting. Some projectors are Bluetooth compatible, which means connecting wirelessly. An example of a projector:

There you have it.  An easy DIY Home Theater!  The best part is there are so many great affordable options, you can literally make a theater in any room you want, and have the right equipment for whatever the needs/wants are.


DIY Home Theatre