The Business environment is difficult to prevent virus infection because email is used as a primary communication method and still catches the most advanced users by surprise!  Using an email service like Securence; will filter, block, stop and quarantine emails, so no one accidentally clicks on something too fast.  There are also general things you should do too.

  • Verify the source of any suspicious email before you act, be smart, not fast!
  • Generally, do not blindly forward emails, open attachments and links, or view HTML content.
  • Get an antivirus program and regularly update its virus definitions on your physical device.
  • Make sure your mail program is set to not automatically download and open attachments or display HTML content.

The old saying, “you get what you pay for” applies. Free security solutions fail to provide the protection needed for the high traffic computer networks of today’s business environment. Invest in the protection of your environments’ email security.