Enjoying Facebook and Still Being Secure

Some of us check our Facebook page to catch up with family and friends weekly.  Some check daily and some check hourly.  New pictures of family members, reports from loved ones on new jobs and maybe a great new restaurant that someone you know has just been to.  Every time you click on something of interest while on the web……that click is being watched, collected and then used to gain insight into your habits and buying preferences……. at the very least, unfortunately.

In fact now that the Cambridge Analytica data scandal has made the news it is now obvious that Facebook might harvest info from you via a friend or family members account without you even knowing.

Embracing or not embracing social media is a personal decision.  Taking basic steps to control the amount of data that can be gleamed from your account is something that every user needs to look at and implement.  Facebook will be offering streamlined steps for users to help control the data harvested over the next couple of weeks but in the meantime every user should be looking at steps to secure and limit the access to their information.

The included link(s) has some very useful information regarding how you can actively make changes to your Facebook account to manage your data.

Enjoy but enjoy with your eyes wide open.