Eye Gaze Technology (EGT) – An amazing tool for people who struggle with severe physical challenges. This technology has been commercially available since the mid 1980’s. Over the years EGT has continually gotten better. The equipment is MORE accurate, MORE compact and MORE affordable. With all of that said, EGT is still very sophisticated and very specialized. Using the equipment takes a fair amount of training and a lot of practice. This is true no matter what brand you are using.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with EGT, basically a camera is attached to a device (Mac, PC or Tablet). The camera is aimed at the user’s eyes (or eye, for some systems). Sophisticated image processing software in the system analyzes the cameras images at specific intervals to determine where the user is looking on the screen. Through a brief calibration procedure the device is set up for that particular user. Wow! Who can benefit, you ask? ALS patients have been very successful with EGT, in addition to those diagnosed with Rhetts Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Quadriplegia and many others.
At Cadan Technologies, we are fortunate to partner with some of the best Eye Gaze developers in the world. Inclusive Technologies, is now offering a package that is a perfect solution for the youngest and beginner Eyegaze users. Historically software solutions have been very limited and never had much to offer for analysis in young users. Recently, Inclusive Technologies out of the United Kingdom announced that their new product “EyeGaze Foundations” has been selected as a finalist for the UK Education Resources Awards for Special Education Needs (ERA). I am very excited about this product and the potential that it offers, this product will open up many opportunities for students and teachers like never before! EyeGaze Foundations offers “Attention and Looking” software which offers three key pieces.

  1. Teaches users valuable beginner eye gaze skills, through the use of 18 separate activities.
  2. Allows educators and therapists to assess the user’s eye movement patterns, visual attention along with early comprehension and preferences.
  3. Stimulates visual attention and purposeful looking skills.

When the users are through the “Attention and Looking” software, EyeGaze Foundations has two more programs available for further advancement.
I love when companies are committed to their product and their clients, this is certainly the case with Inclusive Technologies, I am proud to announce that Cadan Technologies is a partner with them.

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Amy Perron