To fidget or not to fidget, that is the question being asked in classrooms everywhere!

Classroom teachers have been put in awkward positions with the latest craze – the fidget spinner/cube. Should it be confiscated, and then risk the wrath of the parent who “knows” that these spinners will most definitely maximize their child’s learning. Should the student’s that are being distracted by this fidget spinner/cube be punished? This is the latest phenomenon that a classroom teacher is being faced with.

Silent classroom fidgets have been used for years with students who need to keep restless fingers busy, bodies relaxed and minds focused. These fidgets are very useful for the student, for example, who has ADHD/ADD but the jury is still out as to whether they assist the student who brings it to class just because it is the latest craze.


Fidgets like the Spiky Pickle Fidget from the Therapy Shoppe have lots of rubber spikes that are very tactile, the Squeezy Grip Resistance Ball can be hidden in a pocket to squeeze when a student is feeling stress.

So we are back to the question:

To fidget or not to fidget?!

To Fidget or Not To Fidget