by Tad Travis

 The topic of B2B sales enablement — a broad classification of processes and solutions for sales force automation (SFA) deployments that make it easier for salespeople to sell, or for clients to do business with you — is a notable movement, as evidenced by the volume of inquiries that Gartner handles each year. The field is also complex. There are dozens of possible processes to implement, and there are hundreds of sales enablement vendors, ranging from mature enterprise-class SFA suites (such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and SAP) to point solutions that execute discrete one-off functions (such as activity updates via a dedicated mobile app).

To help software buyers make informed roadmap decisions and to align those decisions with business priorities, Gartner clients can now download  “Five Best Practices to Improve your B2B Roadmap for Sales Enablement.”  It’s an update on our very popular 2013 paper, “How to Analyze Your Sales Process on Efficiency Versus Effectiveness.”  We’ve kept the same evaluation matrix from that original paper, but added more detail to will help buyers answer the question “what should I do next?

Look for more on this topic later this year.
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