We All Get a Little Fidgety SometimesFor the first 2 years of our lives our parents/caretakers are teaching us to talk, walk and move. Then suddenly we are expected to “sit still and focus”; “sitting still and being quiet will help you to focus”. Well if you think of how the body functions, that isn’t an accurate statement at all. Our bodies are made to move. We are seeing this more and more in the Assistive Technologies world with the products being released.

The Fidget Cube is a tiny device to keep your hands busy. Fidget Cube is about the size of a dice, and each side has its own tactile stimuli. The sides include a spinning dial, a rolling ball, a switch, a joy stick, a clicker button, and spinning gears. It helps with stress, and is inspired by sorry stones that are said to reduce anxiety when rubbed.

Another product that we love is the Viggi Chair. This chair comes in various sizes ranging from toddler to adult, in a multitude of colors. The Viggi Chair functions as a chair, stool, or desk. When they are not in use, they fit together like little puzzle pieces, making them ideal for classroom settings. The Viggi Chair allows the body move discretely without causing disruption. When in chair position, it rocks slightly back and forth. Viggi Chair has handles on the side with tactile bumps inside for those that needs a little extra stimulation. For students, or non-students at that, that need a little extra stimulus this is an ideal chair for them.

Both product seem like such simple inventions, but like many of the products in the AT world, they were made by someone, for someone specifically, to make their life a little easier.  Since coming across products like these, I have noticed how much I actually move throughout the day even when I’m sitting at my desk.  Movement is natural, we all need a little movement in our lives.