Having a website and online presence is one of the most valuable tools that your business will have. Not only can potential customers find you through it, you can have it built the way you envision it, with the help of experts to guide you. Having a website speaks for your business and vision.

There are still those who don’t realize how powerful it is to have a URL that you can type into a search bar or having your business searched for on Google. There are definitely ways to increase customers without a website – word of mouth, social media, referrals. Some companies don’t need a website and still float on well. So then why should you have one? Because people use search engines like they used to utilize phone books before the internet. Having a website gives you advantages against competitors to show ownership and expertise in what you do.

Those who ~don’t need a website~ either: a) don’t understand how a website helps the business and the customer, as well as the long term impact or b) are overwhelmed with getting started and think it’s expensive. Those that say they don’t need a website just don’t WANT it enough. But what if you give them a website for free without any hassles? Then they start looking into lower costs of getting one up and running and soon run into getting what they pay for. But that is like a lot of things in life. One size shoe doesn’t fit all, maybe some people will never want one, and that is fine, websites weren’t around 50 years ago and businesses still survived.

If your business is already working with an IT company that helps out that aspect of your business and they happen to offer web services such as Cadan Technologies does, I would definitely recommend taking advantage of that.

At Cadan we have 3 different plans to fit your business needs:
Cadan Web Essentials
Cadan Web Select
Cadan Web 360

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