On April 11th, Microsoft will begin rolling out the Windows 10 Creators update. The new and improved update process now features narration by Cortana, and the added ‘Night Light’ mode will make it easier to work in low light by reducing blue light from the display.

The biggest new features are Paint 3D and a slew of updates for gamers. Paint 3D is exactly what it sounds like – the same blank canvas you are used to from Paint, with 3D functionality. There is a fair amount of stock 3D items already included, and a wide variety available for download.

After Microsoft’s acquisition of Beam, a streaming service, they quickly handled getting the functionality integrated to the operating system. With a simple shortcut, you can begin a live stream from your system; and Microsoft boasts that the latency is subseconds, (viewers of the stream see what the player does in almost real time). They’ve also rolled out ‘Game Mode’ which allows the system to prioritize system resources for gaming applications, even if traditional resource hogs are running in the background.

Tabbed browsing got a few updates as well – including the ability to hover to see a preview of the tab, the ability to save groups of tabs and restore them with ease. This system appears to be designed to begin the exit of the bookmark; another adaptation to modern browsing.

While this update won’t feature any big user interface changes, or major functionality changes – I’ll be excited to try out the new features.

-Dustin Tuttle, Technology Administrator