Intel Optane Memory M.2 cache SSD uses 3D Xpoint non-volatile memory in capacities of 16GB and 32GB and requires an M.2 slot that supports its functionality. They will not work in an M.2 slot that is used only for SATA connectivity.  It is only supported in Windows 10 64-bit and only for the boot volume.


So, what does that mean to you?


The increased system performance and responsiveness is an excellent improvement for users of CAD and Graphic intensive uses.  You’re going to want to use an Intel processor, Kaby Lake supports it as will processors after it, with a compatible Intel board of course.  Gamers and geeks like me would want it for bragging rights.


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Call your Cadan sales rep to find out more about the options available or the one that you want to create.


Intel Optane Memory M.2 cache SSDs