Many of our customers would benefit from additional storage and this year C.E.S. brings in many New SSD Drives with up to 2 TBs of storage and faster speeds than ever before.

Samsung has had the T1 portable SSD 1 TB drive and now the T3 portable SSD with up to 2 TB’s with much longer drive life than ever before.

The T3 has from 250GB’s to 2TB’s of storage and phenomenal speeds up to 450 MB/sec and costs from $130 to $850 (MSRP).

The T3 is now made of aluminum making it sturdy and very compact design 74 x 58 10.5 mm smaller than a deck of cards with USB-type C connector, working with most Android and Windows and Mac most anything with USB connections. Additionally, Samsung has the 840 EVO 750 GB SSD, and now they have added the 850 PRO 1 TB SSD and the 850 EVO 500 GB SSD.

Using the small amount of the drive space as a fast buffer to increase write speed using Samsung Magician software on Windows systems.

120 GB at $100 (MSRP)

250 GB at $150 (MSRP)

500 GB at $270 (MSRP)

1 TB at $500 (MSRP)

Seagate is in with new offerings in the Ultra Slim line-up with 150 MB/s Writing and 170 MB/s Reading up to 2 TB SSD for $90 and 1 TB SSD for $70 (MSRP).

SanDisk 1.92 TB SSD with speeds up to 350 MB/s price at $800 (MSRP).

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