Cadan Technologies Deployment and Installation Services

At Cadan Technologies, we make deploying and installing a new environment simple and easy to understand. Traditional deployment and installation can be both time consuming and scary for businesses. With our simple, transparent approach, we make the transition process painless for our customers.

How does Cadan simplify the deployment process?

Cadan Technologies Network design team approaches your environment from a global perspective allowing us to synergistically leverage all aspects of the environment (servers, networks, security, data, storage, etc.)

We build your IT environment with you with a holistic approach from the ground up.

Our promise to you:

We understand your IT needs completely, allowing us to simplify your environment and make it efficient. We will have you up and running on your new system faster and with fewer headaches than our competitors. Contact Cadan Technologies today to learn more about our deployment and installation services.
  • Step One: Our engineers and sales professionals meet with you and help you determine what technology your business needs to optimize its efficiency. Because we build your IT environment holistically from the ground up, working with you every step of the way, you’ll always be informed about what technology you have and why. By working directly with you to understand your needs, we can help ensure that you don’t end up paying extra for hardware or software you don’t even need.
  • Step Two: We order the required equipment on your behalf, and take delivery at our warehouse. We verify that we have received the correct inventory.
  • Step Three: We install your hardware and software. Our simple hardware and software installations save you both time and money. If you don’t need it, we won’t install it.This step can include custom configurations, delivery, staging, asset tagging, imaging, installation, and more. All these procedures take place at our facility. After the installation is complete, we test the assets for functionality and accuracy.
  • Step Four: We deploy your assets and remove your old equipment. Most of our deployments are done after business hours or on weekends, allowing us to complete the transition with the least amount of downtime and customer interference possible. Cadan Technologies’ team of experienced,

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