Cadan Technologies Disposal and Remarketing Services

At Cadan Technologies, we can help you turn your cost centers into profit centers. When most companies want to get rid of outdated IT equipment, they simply decommission it, and often end up paying huge amounts to have someone pick up and dispose of the equipment. At Cadan, we offer a better way to refresh your environment, helping you make money instead of losing money.

When you participate in our innovative remarketing program, we’ll pick up and inventory your decommissioned assets for you. We’ll then pack them up and move them to our secure location, where we’ll sort them out into sellable and non-sellable assets. The non-sellable items will be destroyed. For an additional charge, we can also perform a secure hard drive disposal to help you protect your sensitive business information. After we’ve safely disposed of any non-sellable assets, we’ll have the sellable items cleaned up, perform diagnostics on them to verify they still work correctly, and then prepare them for resale. Once we’ve converted your unwanted equipment into money, we’ll provide the returns to you in the form of a credit or check.

At Cadan Technologies, we know that securely disposing of your retired technology is important to you, and that’s why we’ve developed our disposal and remarketing programs. In addition, our disposal process isn’t just comprehensive: it’s also environmentally responsible. We reuse your waste, and give you a return on it. Our remarketing program allows us to cut down on the amount of IT waste harming our environment, while also maximizing our customers’ return.

Disposal and Remarketing

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