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Cadan Technologies is an experienced managed IT provider for small and midsize businesses. If your business has between 10 and 150 employees, and you’re looking for an experienced team of certified technicians to meet your IT needs without unpredictable hourly rates, Cadan’s managed IT services can help.

As a Cadan managed IT customer, you’ll receive priority service for break/fix repairs. Our team of experts will react quickly to solve your problems, offering the flexibility to work remotely or on-site. Cadan’s managed IT services provide complete IT support, without the high costs of an in-house IT team, making them ideal for small companies.

Managed IT services also help small businesses simplify their budgets. With managed IT services, you pay a flat monthly fee to get all the IT assistance you need. As a result, you’ll be able to incorporate your IT costs into your monthly budget with no guesswork, just like you would for any other monthly expense.

In addition to managed IT services, Cadan also offers hourly “break/fix” rates. If you have one-time issues that don’t warrant a monthly contract, Cadan can address those issues for you at a reasonable hourly rate. Our entire technology team is made up of certified technicians, so you can rest assured we will solve your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Finally, Cadan Technologies offers on-site support for businesses that need more hands-on involvement. We’ll place one of our certified technicians at your site, ensuring that you’ll always have expert assistance available when you need it. An on-site technician from Cadan Technologies saves you the hassle of having to find and retain your own full-time IT personnel. You get the same results, without the hard work and risk involved with hiring a new employees.

Whether you need complete infrastructure management, partial infrastructure management, dedicated on-site staff, or hourly break/fix services, Cadan Technology is here for you.

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