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  • Asset Management Software
  • Asset Tagging and Tracking
  • Accurate Reporting
  • End of Life Asset Removal & Disposal
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Asset Accounting

Cadan Technologies provides the ideal asset management plan for small and mid-sized companies, helping them get the capabilities they need, while also stretching their budgets as far as possible. Asset management is a critical component to planning and budgeting, and Cadan helps support these capabilities: our asset management model provides you with one low monthly cost, for the management of your entire lifecycle. This simplifies the budgeting process by helping you plan your expense in advance.

Asset management services from Cadan Technologies also help keep your business supported and functioning with the best technology to meet your business needs. Cadan Technologies will provide you with a sales team and engineers that understand your business and IT infrastructure; together, they’ll help you understand the new technology you need to implement in order to grow and operate more effectively, and then help you implement that technology with no costly surprises or unplanned interruptions. In addition, we’ll always work to make sure you understand why changes are being made, so that you can play an active role in the growth of your business.

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