We innovate IT better – We manage IT better

We understand that IT is a tool, and its availability is critical to your growth. As your business grows over time, Cadan Technologies will be there with you every step of the way. Providing managed IT services in Saint Paul and Eagan, we make sure that you always have a strong, secure IT infrastructure that meets the needs of your business. We also know how important it is for your business to keep its data secure and available. That’s why data security is part of the foundation we build in to every IT infrastructure we design, maintain, and support for our customers. Cadan is committed to creating a secure and reliable IT environment, whether it touches one aspect of our clients’ technology or the entire lifecycle. We embrace these principles with every service we perform, and every solution we offer.

Virtual security is a necessity today. People are getting more knowledgeable about complex computer matters, and not all of them aim to do good with what they know. Erecting a solitary firewall usually does not do the job any more. These can either go around the protection or hack through the system and cause untenable chaos. Not all managed service plans are created equal. Cadan Assist allows you to create a customized plan, designed specifically for the needs of your environment.

“Quick, easy, capable technician.”

 – May 12th, 2020

Christopher, College Possible

“My experience was awesome! Thank you for all that you do!!”

 – May 11th, 2020

Dia, College Possible

“my problem was quickly fixed! Thanks Sam.”

 – April 20th, 2020

Emily, 360 Communities

“The person who helped me resolve my issue was very thorough and patient and went above and beyond to make sure everything was resolved.”

 – March 12th, 2020

Rolyne, College Possible

“Great communication, patience, and speed in fixing the problem! I’m very impressed.”

 – March 5th, 2020

Rachel, College Possible

“Tom replied immediately and solved a time critical problem for me. He is awesome! Thanks, Nancy.”

 – February 21, 2020

Nancy, RF Moeller

“Scott has so much knowledge and is willing to explain everything!”

 – January 31, 2020

Lynn, Mama T’s Castle Tap

“Ashton knew what my problem was the second I called and got my issue taken care of right away!”

 – January 22, 2019

Brianna , College Possible

“Thanks Pete!! Another battle with Sage won!!”

 – May 24th, 2018

Sarah, Cedarberg

“Ashton was super helpful and gave me clear guidance on how to resolve my issue! ”

 – April 17th, 2018

Matt Carlson, College Possible

“It was quick and easy!”

– March 30th, 2018

Shannon Oldenburg, College Possible


  • Rest easy with insight into your environment and alerts to let you know when something needs your attention.


Deluxe Plus
  • Our unlimited support plan gives you the advantages of a fully managed environment without the upfront expense.


  • The security of knowing you’re covered and that Cadan can provide all the support you need to keep your business humming.