Our most basic plan, the core to all of our managed service agreements.

We will provide product insight, comparisons and recommendations through our Product Consulting Services. We have hundreds of vendor specialists on tap, and can tell you anything you need to know about the products your are considering. With over a million products in our catalog, our Product Sourcing Services will have what you need or we will find it for you.

Our Remote Monitoring & Management Agent will monitor your system health and provide insight including but not limited to information on: temperature, fragmentation, utilization, Windows Events, new application installations and AV health checks. Our monitoring doesn’t just stop at alerts – it works proactively to fix the problems it detects. It provides 24/7/365 mission critical monitoring.

Our system automatically patches based on custom schedules for custom roles to keep your systems as secure as possible while also reducing the likelihood of an unplanned outage. This includes patching for Microsoft Apps, Exchange, SQL and more. This also provides 3rd party application patching such as Adobe Reader and Flash, Java, Firefox, Chrome and more! We can also standardize on a specific version so your line of business applications aren’t interrupted after an unexpected upgrade.

We include a leading antivirus and antispyware application with all of our service plans. It provides 24/7/365 monitoring, with proactive threat protection for new and emerging threats as well as security from known sources. Ultra-fast scanning, low system footprint, it provides automated remediation for definitions being out of date, missing AV and more!

With industry leading reporting we will provide insight into your technology via an Executive Summary, AV Health report, Patch Health report, list of Applications Installed, Asset Management, and License Management.

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