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Finding the ideal staff to drive better business results can be a difficult task for any company. When you hire your IT staff, it’s not just a matter of finding the person with the best resume. Of course, talent, knowledge and experience are all important, but it’s also absolutely critical that you find employees who reflect the values of your company, and will fit well with your current staff.

To help businesses meet the challenge of hiring the best staff possible, Cadan Technologies places both on-site and off-site expert IT professionals in a wide range of organizations. Different IT professionals have different strengths, and we aim to pinpoint the ones that will help you run your business.

Since we understand the fact that compatibility between a company and its staff members is equally as important as knowledge and ability, we always take the time to make sure that the right fit is there before we place any of our staff on-site with a business. Our IT staff members also have a skill set that covers the entire spectrum of IT specialties, ensuring that we can offer you the exact expertise that you require.

We hope you see the kind of attention we give to our work. More than anything, we want to add competent professionals in your team, helping with IT matters. A company’s wellbeing relies on its infrastructure and only the best of the best work for your clients. When it comes to IT staffing services in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN, Cadan is what you need.

Depending on your needs, Cadan can either be fully responsible for the entire placement, or simply assist you along the way during the placement process. We understand that in the future, you’ll want to be able to handle IT situations efficiently without calling professional assistance. Whether it’s a short- term hire, full-time staffing, an entry-level position or something that requires highly certified personnel, Cadan Technologies can provide the right expert for the job, while also helping you run the entire hiring process, from the first interviews to the final offer.

“Always prompt and helpful.”

– April 2nd, 2018

Catherine Locker, MN Transitions Charter School

“Whenever I call I always get a polite, quick & EASY resolution. Today I talk with Tim P. He gave me the information I need to fix an issue I was having. When I tried & was unable to fix the issue on my own, He was able to take control of my computer & fixed it ASAP! I know what would have taken me at least an hour or more to figure out, Tim had fixed in about 4 minutes!”

– March 8th, 2018

Roxanne Walstad, MN Transitions Charter School

“Thanks Sean!!”

– February 26th, 2018

John D'Alesandro, Eagle Ridge Academy

“Always great customer service! thanks again.”

– February 13th, 2018

William Potts, MN Transitions Charter School
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