Who doesn’t like reading in their spare time? With technology being such a profound part of our everyday lives, physical books are quickly becoming obsolete. Ebooks are by far more popular! If you are a reader you will be happy to hear about the giveaway Microsoft is providing.

The Director of Sales Excellence for Microsoft, Eric Ligman, is launching the largest free Microsoft eBook Giveaway. He has streamlined a list to make it easier to get to the eBooks than it has in the past. He has done this in years past as well! The first year was a success with 1,000,000 FREE eBooks downloaded and has grown to 3.5M books downloaded and growing! He’s considering it a challenge to see how many books Microsoft can give away. You can download as many as you want, you can down load multiple as once, anyone can do it, AND there is no catch!

Start your reading! Stock up for the year…or years to come!

microsoft free ebook giveaway