The challenges of today’s IT world are many and complicated.  For individuals that make decisions that affect how your company will work in today and tomorrow’s IT world the choices are endless and come with many risks and rewards.

Some of the trends that decision-makers should be looking at in 2017 are:

  • Cloud or on premise back up?
    • If you choose the cloud, how do you slice that up?  Not all cloud offerings align well with every service need.
    • If on premise, how will you staff it now and going forward?


  • Security, how in the world can I keep our environment secure? Perhaps rather than traditional firewalls… added security can be realized by blending the traditional firewall with newer thinking Security-as-a-Service offerings.
  • Will developing a App for your company increase your hit rate and make it easier for your customer base?
  • What are you doing with your data? Your company has been collecting TB’s of data.  Are you investing in analytical tools to better understand how your company operates?  What about what your customer’s really want or need in way of your product offerings?  Maybe “running the numbers” will give you an entirely different view of how your customers see you and what they want?

All the above are exciting ideas but very complicated issues and big hard decisions.    Here at Cadan we can help you navigate the waters around these issues.  Please reach to our sales staff with any questions you might have.

In the meantime, the below link goes into greater detail on these subjects.  Knowledge is King so please read on and dig in.