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Mobile Device Encryption (Android)

What is Encryption? Encryption is the process of taking your readable data and transforming it into ciphertext or non-readable text. A key (password) is used to control the process or algorithm that turns the readable data to ciphertext. After encrypting your device, all your personal information can only be decrypted or accessed with the encryption key.

Why encryption your mobile device? Security issues are reported every day and encrypting your mobile device is highly recommended to prevent hackers from gaining access to your bank, legal and other sensitive information. Your mobile device data is not sage without taking a few steps to protect it. Google is adding encryption by default on some of the latest Android devices, and in keeping up with the latest trend, you should take steps to ensure your data is secure. Not to worry, several options are available for you to secure your data.

How to encrypt your Android mobile device? Depending on your phone hardware specification, enabling encryption on your device can decrease its performance a bit. Before you enable encryption, you should know that some devices allow you to disable encryption, while others, you can only disable encryption by resetting your phone to its factory default settings.

Lock screen only prevents someone from using your mobile device, but they can access your data on your phone by connecting it to a computer. Encrypting it provides that extra layer in case someone gets access to your phone – the data will be unreadable without your encryption key.

Before you encrypt your device, you need to:

  • Set lock screen Pin or Face lock or Pattern or Password (if you don’t already have it set)
  • Go to Settings > Screen lock. Select the Pin option and Enter a PIN

Encrypting Android Devices

Encryption may take an hour or even longer, depending on how much data you have on your device. If you interrupt the process, you will lose some or all your data.

  • Go to the Settings > Tap Security > Tap Encrypt device or Encrypt Phone under Encryption
  • Read the information about encryption carefully
  • Tap Encrypt device or Encrypt Phone. Warning: again, if you interrupt the encryption process before it’s completed, you will lose some or all your data
  • Enter you lock screen Pin or Pattern or Password and Tap Continue
  • The Encryption process will start and display its progress.
  • Encryption can take an hour or more. Your device may restart several times.
  • When the Encryption process is complete, you’ll be prompted to enter you Pin or Pattern or Password

After you encrypt your device, you will have to enter your Pin or Pattern or Password each time you power on your device.

Mobile Device Encryption