At Cadan Technologies, we believe business success is based on focusing on what your organization does well. We find too often that owners and management spend time trying to dilute responsibilities in core employee’s by having them support IT functions.

I’ll give you 10 reasons why you need to let go!

1) Best of breed technologies
Managed Service providers must use the best technologies and equipment to deliver reliable services. This assures you’re never obsolete or underperforming.

2) Predictable monthly costs and low capital outlay
With leasing and managed services, you can have a predictable monthly expense with no unexpected upgrades or charges.

3) Flexible service models
Managed IT Service providers can be very flexible and offer pay as you go plans which allow for quick growth when necessary or cost savings when needed.

4) Converged Services
Multiple managed services can be provided over a single connection resulting in cost savings on infrastructure. Additional benefits come from allowing users to work anywhere and anytime through remote capabilities.

5) Resilient and Secure infrastructure
Centralized data centers are robust, redundant, provide all the enterprise class promises and are available 24x7x365 with world class support.

6) Managed Service Provider expertise
You gain access to staff with the skill you need as part of your monthly cost. You get to save the expense of high priced resources by leveraging the MSP’s resources.

7) Centralized Infrastructure
With managed environments, you get benefits from centralization for apps, improved performance and consolidated storage and backups.

8) Better service levels or SLA’s
With Managed Service Providers you receive a more consistent experience and continuity and benefit as they scale their business.

9) Business continuity and disaster recovery
Service is the life blood of MSP’s, they focus on providing high availability and redundancy for business continuity. Take advantage of their expertise knowing your data will be safe.

10) Green footprint
By centralizing and or adopting cloud technology, the business benefits from less disposal costs in the future and power/cooling savings now. Lowering the carbon footprint while reducing costs.

Cadan Technologies provides “best in class” for all business needs.

Why you need Managed IT Services in 2018