With new year’s media attuned to anything that’s new or a resolution, it’s hard for marketers not to ask ‘do I need a new _____?’. Where blank could be a website, marketing automation tool or haircut. It doesn’t get easier when CXOs put pressure on marketing to refresh the site or update a ‘stale’ home page.


2015 is a year where I’ve seen more resolutions about the dearth of time, simplifying our lives and other intentions to do only what really matters and will move the needle both personally and professionally. This is one of those instances where the same tenets hold true.

Why do you need a website redesign?

If your site is still attracting and converting customers – and they are net new to your brand – then, it’s NEW to them. Too many leaders, both within and outside of marketing, find themselves bored or irritated with something on the website and agitate for wholesale design change, often at the expense of other more impactful activities. Media companies have been doing it for years and we eat it up (anyone remember NBC’s summer sweeps … If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you!?).

Let’s ask again: Why do you need a website redesign?

We’ve been highlighting that over the last year marketers clearly stated that the battleground for new and loyal customers is being waged in the area of Customer Experience (CX). In fact, findings in our recent 2015 CMO Spend Report showed that 18% of the 2014 marketing budgets were spent in support of the customer experience and it tops the list for 2015 innovation projects in most large firms.

It’s no secret that your website is a pivotal touch point, some might even say the ‘front door and first impression’, during your customer’s journey and therefore a key pillar in the customer experience. That said, a redesign may NOT be what’s needed to craft the most compelling, rewarding and ultimately profitable website. Too many redesigns begin with the wrong goals, or perish to think – no goals, in mind.

As marketing professionals and part of the broader team that shepherds the customer experience, we should evaluate a website through the eyes of our customer. When you audit that customer journey and interview customers about their experiences, determine what is or is not working for them and how that maps not only to your business metrics but ultimately to their most optimal journey.

If your website is off message, confusing, hard to navigate and slow – then by all means, dive in to that much needed redesign. But if your site is meeting audience needs, converting to your desired benchmarks and just happens to have the same shade of blue that you used last January but is boring some exec, consider implementing a new home page image or minor tweak and move along to more fertile pastures. Perhaps conversion rate optimization or email engagement are low hanging fruit – you already know where the gaps are.

Optimize 2015 Spend and Effort for Maximum Business Impact

We each enter the year with limited time, budget, talent and resources. If we waste any resources on revamping something that’s darn good, shame on us. In fact, by the time YOU are bored of your message, your market is probably ‘just’ starting to get it! Instead, examine the friction points in your customer’s journey and double down on targeted enhancements. Identify and prioritize the other opportunities you have to improve the bottom line and align your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

And, get that new haircut – you deserve it!
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