Are you considering retiring your old Alienware Area-51 M9750 from 2007, to go the DIY route and “build your own” gaming PC, save some money over buying a new OEM prebuilt? I’m afraid I have some bad news. That bad news comes in the form of cryptocurrency.

With the rise in the popularity of mining cryptocurrency, GPU prices have sky rocketed. GPU’s are better suited for mining cryptocurrency since they typically can “hash” more instructions per clock than most processors and GPU’s are much less expensive than high end processors capable of achieving similar results. Causing a shortage of available GPU’s across the board from both major vendors Nvidia and AMD. Consumers are paying up to 4 x MSRP for GPU’s that they then run in massive data mining rigs. This puts a squeeze on folks who typically purchase these same GPU’s at a reasonable price every couple of years for their gaming machines leading to many frustrated gamers.

My advice, hold on to any GPU’s you currently have and make the best of it until prices start coming back down. You could also buy a refurbished desktop from a reseller such as and find a used previous generation GPU to install and you are at least improving your current gaming experience with better processing power, more memory and hopefully a decent used GPU.