Replacing hardware can be quite an investment, and lead to sticker shock for many companies. Cadan has a solution to help extend the life of your hardware through extended warranty. The plans we offer are flexible and quite reasonably priced. We can cover Cisco, Dell, EMC, HPE, Lenovo, and NepApp to name a few. This can enable the customer to plan for lifecycle management of hardware, which is also something Cadan can assist with.

How does it work you say?

Truly, it is nothing the customer has to worry about. We will send you a quote for a 12 month extended warranty, and that is really all you have to do. The warranty itself works like a manufacturer warranty. However…I am sure you want more of an explanation than that.

The company we collaborate with will keeps spare parts for any and all machines put under extended warranty. Should anything happen to the hardware, Cadan will remain the single point of contact; we will take it from there. There are two options for response time. The 7×2474 Mission Critical Onsite Coverage, which obviously covers 7 days a week with 4-hour onsite response time. The other option is 8x5xOnsite Coverage plans. This plan will guarantee a response time from an engineer during regular business hours.